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Our Services

Clinic Based ABA

Clinic Based Services

Our clinic based ABA programs are facilitated by highly trained staffed and certified behavior analysts that work with clients one-on-one or in small groups. ABA services in the clinic offer a controlled and structured environment, allowing for consistent and focused intervention. The clinic setting also allows for our clients to work on social skills with their peers!


Family Treatment Guidance

We believe in the power of collaboration between therapists and families. We provide parent training and support, equipping families with the tools and knowledge to reinforce therapy goals at home and in everyday situations. By working together, we promote consistency and generalize learned skills to various environments.


School Collaboration

At Behavioral Fluency, we welcome collaboration with your child’s school. By combining educational and therapeutic expertise, this collaboration helps optimize the student's learning, behavioral skills, and overall development in a coordinated and effective manner. Parents, school staff and clinical staff can work together to develop an appropriate and effective IEP. An IEP outlines specific goals, strategies, and accommodations necessary for your student's educational success while in school.

Home Based ABA

Home Based Services

Our home based ABA services provide opportunities for staff and families to work closely with each other. By incorporating familiar surroundings and family involvement, in-home ABA therapy promotes skill development, communication, and independence, leading to positive behavioral changes. This approach not only empowers the individuals receiving therapy but also enables family members to actively participate and reinforce positive changes throughout their daily lives.


Social Skills Groups

We understand that strong social skills are vital for children's overall well-being and success. Our clinic offers specialized social skills groups and individual coaching to help children develop meaningful connections, enhance peer interactions, and navigate social situations with confidence. We emphasize collaboration, empathy, and effective communication to foster positive relationships.

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